Meet Chrissy Chang

Hi! I’m Chrissy. 

I am Taiwanese-American and live in Houston, TX with my husband, daughter,  dog and  bird. I love to read, make art, take walks outside in the quiet and beauty of creation, and enjoy delicious food and deep conversation with others.

I am on a lifelong journey of surrendering into my identity as a beloved child of God.  It’s been a winding path of transformation from fear to trust, sadness to joy, anxiety to surrender, self-protection to love. 

Spiritual direction and soul care relationships have been been integral for encouragement and support along the way.

Because of the joy and grace I’ve received so abundantly, God has given me a passion to co-create hospitable, contemplative spaces with Him in spiritual direction where others can experience His abiding, loving presence with them and begin to live out of their true selves in Christ with freedom.